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Current Residence: in my house. just where i like it!
Favourite genre of music: a little bit of everything
Favourite photographer: don't know any but me and my stuff sucks
Favourite style of art: isn't it all the same?
Operating System: ummmmm
MP3 player of choice: mine! does it matter? what kinda question is that?
Shell of choice: a turtle shell? what? ummmm the green ones?
Wallpaper of choice: Sailor Moon
Skin of choice: ummmmmmm?
Favourite cartoon character: a tie between donald duck and tweety bird
Personal Quote: fate favors the prepared
   dEAR ME,

            well this was an intresting couple of weeks. maybe not to any of you but i have been non stop with work up the yin yan! but you don't want to hear about me.......... no you came here for him! my little white fluffy bunny who hates me!
it's true the little bunny- whom i created!- hates me! why? how do i know!

Mr. Flippity Flop: what are you going on about!?
Me: it's the truth i created you. and your so mean to me. hell i'm your god you should worship me!
M.F.F: i'll be damned before that happens!
ME: that's what will happen if you don't!
M.F.F: listen barbie i'm not bowing down to that blonde hollow head of yours! so drop dead!
ME: hey! becareful or i'll.......i'll.... sent out my wrath!
M.F.f: oh ya like i'm scared of a canadian!
M.F,f: oh you want to play rough huh! well you leave me no choice!
           *reaches behind the purple pony and pulls out giant pencil*
Mff: wtf? purple pony?......what are you doing with that? drawing yourself a life? or maybe a boyfriend?
me: for your information i already did that! since you came to life i wanted to check out a few things ^^
mff: i told you you were a loser but now i change my mind-
me: really ^^
mff: yay- your the damn queen Of the losers! boy do i need to move out. to think i'm seen in public with you! no wonder i don't have a girlfriiend.
me: you want a girlfriend? i didn't know you were lonely..........
mff: i didn't say that! makes me sound dseperate!
me: hey i'll draw you one. she'll be pretty and friendly and well anything you want!
mff: really cAUse that would be great. she can have blue eyes and - will you really?
me: NO YOU IDIOT! after all the hell you put me through? why should i do something nice for you? if you treat me like this how are you going to treat another girl. i don't think i could let her go through what i have to suffer.
mff: well honestly i wasn't planing on keepiong her around for that long
me: how long were you planing to keep her?
mff: oh only tonight
me: *screams* i don't want to know that! *hits him with pencil*
mff: ow! then you shouldn't ask!
me: MY BUNNY'S A PLAYER!!!!!!!!!! *screams in protest* *hits him with pencil* *he runs and thus begins the chase around the marshmellow mountains*
mff: what's with the mountains?
              *he falls and doesn't move*
me: *screams in horror* MR. FLIPPITY FLOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! *screams again* what have i done! *rushes over to him*
sailor moon: Brittany! what have you done to the USAGI KAWII!
me: he fell and-
s.m : a likely story. *other scouts appear*
all the scouts: USAGI!
s.m: we did not save this world so you could kill random bunnies.
sailor mini moon: it's not right.  *other scouts agree*
me: but!
s.m. No brittany. don't deny the fact that you had a reason to kill him!
me: well i can't but-
s.m: very well. *strikes pose* the world needs soft cuddly creatures to make us happy and bring love to everyone. you stand against everything we fight against! in the name of the moon i will punish you!
me: OMG Sailor moon is threatening me! wait till the girls hear this!
       *sailor moon takes off tira and holds it in her fingers*
         OMG she's serious! i'm dead! stupid bunny.............

       what dangers will MR.Flippity Flop drag Brittany into next? Will Brittany be able to defeat her life long hero? what happen to the pony? can any one save our female blonde canadian?


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cool-brez Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2006
i think i know you?!?!?
lady-gemini Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2006
how do you know me?
cool-brez Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2006
from school possibly!!!
April-Chan Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2005
Got this? That means that u r loved! Send this to 15 ppl in the next 143 minutes, and tomrrow will be ur best day ever! Hurry!! Tonight at midnight ur true luv will realize they luv u. Something good will happen to u at 1:00-4:00PM tomrrow. It could be anywhere phone, outside, school, anywhere. Get ready for the biggest shock of ur life. If u break this chain u will be cursed w/ 4 years of bad luck.

Enjoy my dear! :heart:
dadoundy Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for the fav and the watch!!! *too late ^^°*

shapeshifterkeioko Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2005
Hey Lady-gemini. Are you the anime PO1 from Acadia?
lady-gemini Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2005
yes why?
shapeshifterkeioko Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005
Just making sure I have the right person ^^; Do you remember me?
lady-gemini Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
i know your are one of the two but which are you?
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usagisailormoon20 Featured By Owner May 27, 2005  Hobbyist
Hi there
Thank you so much for the :+fav: and the watch, I'm gonna watch you back. :glomp: I really :heart: your gallery keep it up and welkom to Da.
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